March 28-30 Bunny Slide

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Thursday, March 27th  -  Paid Warmups Equidome

Friday, March 28th -

Equidome:  Ladies & Gents     PCHA Youth Classes     Open

Small Oval:  Warmups

Saturday, March 29th

Equidome: Youth Draw   Novice Horse     Non Pro     Open

Small Oval:  Green Reiner   Rookie

Sunday, March 30th

Equidome:  Ladies & Gents      Green Reiner      Rookie

Small Oval:  Youth     Non Pro    Novice Horse



Circuit Champion RESULTS:  Circuit Champions FINAL LIST


Friday, March 28th -   Ladies/Gents      PCHA basic_youth_amateur      Open

Saturday, March 29th -    Green Reiner   Youth AQHA   Youth NRHA & CRHA

Rookie   Non Pro   OPEN   Novice Horse

Sunday, March 30th-  AQHA    Green Reiner    Ladies & Gents    Non Pro    Novice Horse    OPEN   Rookie   Youth


Move in date:  March 26th, Wednesday

Entries due:  March 21st

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NRHA Affiliate Conditions 2014   NRHA Affiliate Designation Form

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Feed & Bedding

Phone 818 559-9699
Fax 818 559-9679

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818 765 4102
ask for Cherise
$225 for entire show
Must book a week in advance



 480 Riverside Dr. Burbank, CA                                                                                                  
Los Angeles Equestrian Center
480 Riverside Dr.                                                                                       

Burbank, CA 91506                                                                                    

Classes offered:

 Brownblack1.jpg     NRHA LOGO 
   AQHA LOGO               PCHA LOGO & 2 J&L Baker Qualifiers


Management: Garrett Cooper      Show Secretary: Shawn Martin

Judges:    Bob Kail,  Ryan Kail       Announcer: Jim O’brien

Equipment Judge:  Tina Riley Kuenzli

Backgate: Lisa Anderson, Casey Bibbs

Scribes: Riy Westcoatt, Jeanne Kelly, Tina Riis, Heather Smith

Scribes:  If you would like to volunteer to scribe, please contact

Tractor & Drag Specialist:  Doug Porcello

“FUN Photos” will be photographed  by volunteer Heather Smith be sure to SMILE!



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NRHA Affiliate Qualifying Classes

What you should know:
1.  You Must be a CRHA and NRHA Member to qualify in Affiliate Classes BEFORE you show.
2.  Your horse must have an NRHA Competition License.
3.  Yes! You can get your memberships for CRHA & NRHA at the show.


Bunny Slide Circuit Award – Champion Jackets!

Reiner Shine Circuit Award – Champion Show Blanket Bag!

Super Circuit Award – Given at the END of the June Reiner Shine show

Open riders:  Champion Cooler Blankets!

Non Pro riders: Champion Day Sheets!

Circuit Champion & Super Circuit Champion General Rules

1. Circuit Champion Awards will be presented to the horse/rider combination with the highest points that showed in both slates of the same NRHA Classes at the Bunny Slide.

2. SUPER Circuit Champion Awards will be presented to the horse/rider combination with the highest points that showed in ALL 4 slates of the same NRHA Classes at the “Bunny Slide and “Reiner Shine”.  Ties will be broken with the highest SCORE from the 1st slate of the Bunny Slide.
3. Point system is as follows: 1st- 10pt, 2nd -9pts, etc…
4.  Ties:  All ties will be broken with the highest SCORE from the 1st slate.
5. Show Management can make changes as deemed necessary all decisions are final.

Other Awards

1.  Ribbons to be awarded in all CRHA, NRHA, PCHA & AQHA Classes.
2.  NRHA Plaques in all NRHA Classes
3.  ALL CRHA classes will be awarded fun prizes

Special Activities

 Youth Pizza Party Saturday! 
Egg & Spoon Foot Race! Don’t miss out!
JellyBean Count in the Show Office